Towne's Harvest provided several opportunities for the 2016 summer season, including summer courses, student internships, volunteer opportunities, and CSA shares.  Please see detailed info on all these options below if your are interested in this season's opportunities. 

Schedule a Farm Tour

We are happy to schedule a tour with your group if we can. Please read the Farm Tour Guidelines for more information:

Towne's Harvest Field Experience

This course provides an essential hands-on experience at Towne’s Harvest Garden. Students will practice all aspects of a community supported agriculture experience from production through distribution and marketing. Production activities include: planting, transplanting, weeding, integrated pest management ( IPM), irrigating, managing soil fertility, and harvesting. Distribution activities include sorting, washing, weighing and recording data, cold storing, and preparing produce for transport to various distribution sites such as the Gallatin Valley Food Bank. Marketing activities include: displaying and selling produce at local farmers’ markets and on campus, recording sales and accounting data, displaying produce for community supported agriculture distribution, and assisting members with produce identification and selection, and conducting outreach on and off the farm. Students will work side by side with the Towne’s Harvest production and operations managers to learn both the art and science of small scale sustainable production and distribution methods. Additional formal trainings will include safe food handling & market procedures. Students will attend field trips to visit other farms in the area.

Interested students should contact the Sustainable Food and Bioenergy Systems Coordinator, Anna Diffenderfer at, 994-4074.

For complete course descriptions and agreement form: 


Towne's Harvest always welcomes community members, individuals or groups, who would like to come and take part in the joys of farming.   No gardening experience necessary.  Volunteers will join our student interns and farm staff in the daily activities of the farm including: planting, weeding, harvesting or preparing vegetables for sale or distribution. 

If you do decide to come out, please bring water and appropriate clothing, sunscreen etc.  Children are welcome with parental supervision. 

For more specific information, or if you'd like to be added to our volunteer list serve, please contact us at

MSU Summer Courses

MSU will offer the following courses at Towne's Harvest, which are designed to involve students in unique academic opportunities in sustainable agriculture.

SFBS 445R: Culinary Marketing: Farm to Table

(Enroll through Registrar) - click here for course listing

Second Summer Session June 25- August 8, 3 credits (1 Lecture, 2 Lab)

Prerequisite: HDCF 371, NUTR 221, NUTR 226 and NUTR 227, or permission of instructor.

Instructor: Carmen Byker,

SFBS 445 emphasizes gaining a broad and complete perspective on food.  Students in this course participate in the production of food at Towne’s Harvest Garden.  They are introduced to the philosophy and practice of Community Supported Agriculture and participate in preparing food for distribution in this manner.  In addition, they will assist in the planning, operating, and accounting of a farmer's’ market stand and retailing fresh produce.  Students will gain new food preparation and preservation skills by practicing with fresh seasonal produce and prepare at least one culinary demonstration for an audience of food bank clients or Towne’s Harvest Garden members.  As they come to thoroughly know and understand this local food system by their own involvement, they will plan, propose, and conduct an independent research project related to any aspect of the system, in an effort to provide practical and useful knowledge for its improvement.

SFBS 296 : TH Practicum

(Enroll through Registrar) - click here for course listing

Both Summer Sessions May 14- August 3, 3 credits (1 Lecture, 2 Lab)

Prerequisite: SFBS/HORT 146 or permission of instructor.

Instructor:  Alison Harmon,

Emphasizes hands-on field experience with small scale market gardening, distribution through community supported agriculture, and market sales at local farmers' markets. Students will complete one independent project, attend field trips, and complete weekly writing assignments

SFBS 298: TH Internship

(Enroll through Registrar)

Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.