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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Thank you for all your support. We are currently sold out of Spring Greens CSA and Garden Starter Shares for the 2014 season. We still have Summer CSA Shares available, and look forward to spending our summer with all of you!

Pick-up Schedule

Wednesdays between 4:00 - 7:00 pm at the Towne's Harvest Garden Farm

Full Season Share

Our Full Season Share runs for 20 weeks, from May 21st to October 8th. This share is available for $525 ($10 value of free vegetables).

Sold Out! Summer CSA Shares still available.

This share combines the Spring Greens Share with our Summer Share, along with a discount. Note: There will NOT be a CSA pickup on July 2nd to accommodate busy schedules, and to provide our dedicated work force a much needed mid-summer break!

Spring Greens Share

Our Spring Greens Share is available for $150 and runs for 6 weeks, from May 21st until June 25th.

Sold Out! Summer CSA Shares still available.

This share provides 25 lucky members with pre-season produce! A variety of greens will fill your refrigerator drawers each week, accompanied by herbs, farm-raised chicken eggs, and any additional early season vegetables and fruits that we are able to offer. Start your summer off right!

Garden Starter Share

Our Garden Starter Share is a one-time THG Farm pickup, available on Friday, May 30th, for $55.

Sold Out! Summer CSA Shares still available.

This is a one time purchase and pick up that provides you with around 60 vegetable starts to fill your small-medium sized garden plot. All starts utilize organic seed and soil. Vegetable starts will include tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, herbs, onions, squash, pumpkin, cabbage, lettuce, chard, and kale. They will be hardened off and ready to plant, weather permitting!

Summer Share

Our Summer Share is available for $385 and runs for 14 weeks, from July 9th until October 8th.

This is our normal summertime share, which will include all of the crops we have planted, with more variety as summer progresses! Each week you will visit the farm and pick out your specific bundle of vegetables in our barn, supplying produce for an average family of 2-4. Knowledgeable MSU students and interns will be there to answer all of your questions.

Summer Share Convenience Option

New for the 2014 CSA season is the Summer Share Convenience Option, which provides the same produce as our Summer Share, but is delivered to the MSU campus, with a Thursday MSU campus pickup outside the SUB, on Grant, from 3-6 pm. This option is available for $415 and runs for 14 weeks, July 10th- October 9th.

This option may be purchased with a Spring Greens Share to make a Full Season Convenience Share for $565 ($10 discount).

This option provides the same produce as our Summer Share, but is delivered to the MSU campus for those who cannot get away or have busy Wednesday night schedules. The increased price represents additional time, fuel and packaging costs associated with the drop-off. Contact the Marketing Manager Kara to determine if additional accommodations can be made.

Full Season Convenience Share

Also new for the 2014 CSA season is the Full Season Convenience Share, which combines the Summer Share Convenience Option with a Spring Greens Share. This convenience share is available for $565 ($10 discount).

Sold Out! Summer CSA Shares still available.

Late Season Shares

Additional late season and storage shares will be offered towards the end of the season, depending on availability and productivity. Check back with THG if you are interested later in the season. We already appreciate your continued interest!


For every $25 you donate to support Towne's Harvest Garden, you will receive $5 in THG Market Bucks, eligible for redemption at any of our farm stand markets. Donors offering $100 will also receive a THG hat of their choice, along with $20 in THG Market Bucks.

Towne's Harvest CSA Information Packet (PDF)

Towne's Harvest CSA Member Agreement Application (PDF)

Towne's Harvest CSA Member Agreement Application (WORD)

2014 CSA Share Options

Or make checks payable to MSU - Towne's Harvest


To become a CSA member...

  • You must complete the member agreement application.
  • Pay online or make check payable to MSU - Towne’s Harvest Garden and either email or mail member agreement to:

Towne’s Harvest Garden 
Montana State University/ HHD
121 PE Complex, Bozeman, Montana 59717


Shares are sold on a first come basis.  Your CSA share membership will be verified via email.  Feel free to contact us with questions at


About the Program...

Friends of Local Foods was formed in the fall of 2006 to bring concerned students, faculty, and community members together to raise awareness, create academic opportunities and conduct research related to local food systems and food quality.  Out of this effort, with the support of several members of the MSU community, grew the Towne's Harvest Garden project, a 3+ acre diversified vegetable farm. 

Towne's Harvest Garden not only produces vegetables, it is the start of a larger project that promotes community building and individual empowerment.  Our goal is that the THG farm will offer valuable hands-on education for the Bozeman community by promoting learning about food production and the value of eating and supporting local foods. 

MSU student, faculty and staff as well as community members are very welcome to visit and volunteer at the garden.  Volunteers will be rewarded for their efforts by stress reduction through physical work, joyful camaraderie and fresh vegetables.  Email us to find out about volunteer dates and times.


Why Towne’s Harvest?

The name of the garden connects the history of the land to the present.  Towne is the surname of one of five farmers who used to own land which was eventually deeded to MSU.  The land where the Horticulture Farm and the Towne’s Harvest Garden is located has been nicknamed Towne’s farm for several decades.  The piece of land which became the garden actually belonged to E. Broox and the Ella Martin Farm.  It was deeded to MSU in 1909.

Towne's Harvest will continue to be good stewards of that farm so that future generations of Montanans can grow food on this land. 


What is a CSA?

A CSA (community supported agriculture) membership is a mutually beneficial relationship between small farms and community members. A member helps support a farm in the beginning of the season when funds are low by paying upfront for a summer’s worth of produce. The farm is then able to sustain itself through the early season until markets become more profitable and they are able to break even. As a member, you will receive a weekly supply of vegetables from our farm, and as much generosity as the farm managers and interns can offer!

Towne’s Harvest is a educational research farm. Therefore, we greatly value member’s involvement and feedback as we try to create a model for small scale producers in the state.

Shares will include numerous types of produce including peppers, potatoes, carrots, basil, parsley, onions, tomatoes, green beans, peas, broccoli, salad mix, beets, cucumbers squash and much, much more!

This year we will be offering some new options for you to choose from. If you have any questions, recommendations, or need assistance filling out your member agreement, don’t hesitate to contact Towne's Harvest Garden’s new Marketing and Operations Manager, Kara Landolfi via email @ or phone @ 406-396-0873.